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bp-arquitetura develops projects of different kinds and scale, including urbanizations, horizontal and vertical residential condominiums, hotels and individual houses.

The profile design of the office creates not only places to live, but spaces with great functional and visual comfort which transmit positive experience and emotion.

The building sites are a reflection of a narrow bond formed with the client, based on complicity and trust to develop a product which is esthetically coherent and economically viable.

The architectural language, sometimes contemporary and simple, others recreating a northeastern Brazilian style giving it a rustic and sophisticated character which is the result of a reflection about the essential architectonic elements: proportion, space, light, materials and environment.

Asésamo Consultora Econômica e Serviços Ltda.
Company established in João Pessoa (PB), dedicated to the provision of services in the Northeastern Brazilian areas of:

Real Estate Investments
Development studies (studies of viability)
Business plan
Market study
Strategic market

Administration of funds of foreign origin destined to the building of properties
Representation of the owner for the construction of his property Administration of funds of foreign investors to guarantee the construction of his properties.

Beatriz Pellegrino
Graduated by the “Faculdad de Arquitectura de la Universidad de la República Oriental Del Uruguay” in the year of 1983. Has worked for the Villar-Pascale office for 7 years, specialized in luxury properties in the exclusive Punta Del Este resort.

Since 1987 she works independently in the area of architectural design and construction site management for properties and projects related to the area of health, in various public and private institutions in Uruguay. Works in Paris-France in 1989 and gives seminars in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In the year of 2004 establishes herself in the northeast of Brazil, obtains a revalidation of her diploma in the Federal University of Paraiba, and sets up her office, bp-arquitetura, dedicates herself to the elaboration of differentiated projects which transmit a lot of comfort and well being, located in Pipa beach, RN and João Pessoa, PB.

Agustina Arán Pellegrino
Architect and Urbanist associated, graduated by the Federal University of Paraiba in 2013. Did an internship of one year and a half on the office ‘ajrfarias architecture’. Joins bp-arquitetura in February 2012, as partner in the architectural projects.

Daniel Arán Mantero
Economist, specialized in Project management and Project Inversion design in the tourist area.

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